Failed attempt to visit Occupy Wall Street; The beauty of Chinatown.

Yesterday I had some free time and was determined to get over to Zuccotti Park to see the Occupy Wall Street protests. But the Subway had different plans for me. The Fulton Street station, the closest to the park on the A and C train, was closed. So I decided I would hop off at the next closest stop and walk a ways back downtown. Unfortunately, the Subway lines suffer from identity confusion on the weekend and the C train I caught promptly turned into an F train, taking me even farther away from Zuccotti Park than I anticipated.

Thus, by the time I emerged from the underworld I was due to meet my boyfriend for dinner in little under an hour and didn’t have enough time to make it to the protest. So I wandered around in Chinatown before making my way to the West Village, snapping a few pictures along the way. Here are photos from my walk.

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